Meet our Management Team

With a combined 35-plus years’ management experience in the language services industry, GLS’ management team is focused on providing accurate and timely language translation and instructional services to a diverse customer base, including the US government, state and local governments and commercial clients.

Google Translation is an Epic Fail

google translation is an epic fail This past year left most of us anxious and questioning: “What next?” In these uncertain times, we need solid, dependable answers. What we don’t

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Benefits of Being Bilingual

Benefits of Being Bilingual There are proven benefits to being bilingual There are proven benefits to being bilingual, including the potential to earn more money at work. A few benefits

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Human Over Machine

HUmans over machines Top Three Reasons to Choose Human Over Machine Document Translation Services Today, most people want instant gratification, but as the saying goes: “Good things come to those

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HAPPY 2021

GLS would like to wish you and your families a lovely holiday season and happy 2021!

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Language Skills and International Business

Language Skills Language Skills Critical to International Business While English remains the language primarily recognized in international business,companies increasingly require employees with bilingual skills to effectively conduct business on a

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GLS Loves dogs! At GLS, we love language, and we love our dogs! Happy National Dog Day from GLS!

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