Benefits of Being Bilingual
There are proven benefits to being bilingual

There are proven benefits to being bilingual, including the potential to earn more money at work. A few benefits of being fluent in more than one language include the following: 

  • Improves mental capacity
  • Slows down cognitive decline
  • Increases job potential and earnings
  • Gives you the opportunity to make new friends and explore other cultures
  • Enhances your traveling experiences
  • Opens up your mind to a whole other dimension

Being bilingual is not only bank for your brain; it could be instrumental in preventing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. As stated in an academic journal: 

“Researchers reported in the January 30 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that bilingual people form stronger connections between some regions of their brains than do monolinguals. These beefed-up networks might allow people to adapt to age-related reductions in brain functions.”

Read more about this fascinating finding and how being bilingual could help prevent Alzhiemers via the link below:

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By Rachel Kraft

Marketing Manager