Language Skills
Language Skills Critical to International Business

While English remains the language primarily recognized in international business,
companies increasingly require employees with bilingual skills to effectively conduct business on a global scale. Consistent with a Forbes article later referenced within the New American Economy, American companies lose almost $2 billion a year due to language and cultural misunderstandings.¹

With an economy challenged by a worldwide pandemic, there’s no better time for American companies to enroll employees in language courses or to enlist the help of companies like Global Language Strategies to accurately translate and/or interpret business communications. 

Language is our business, and we can assist companies with their language translation and instructional needs. We also offer all services remotely with secure distance learning and technology platforms so that your employees can learn a new language or refresh existing language skills while complying with social distancing guidelines. 

To register for a course or request translation or interpretation services,  Email GLS or call +1(703) 638-1720