Human Translation is Always the Right Choice

Some may consider weighing the outcome between AI and human translation.  It is true that both have advantages and disadvantages.  For instance, AI translation can save time if your project requires a quick turnaround time.  However, projects that require attention to detail, such as legal documents, are better suited for human translation.  These documents need to be scrutinized to make sure everything is in order.  One mistake could be critical.  A highly experienced human translator can also localize the translation to suit the target audience, including consideration of their cultural and political nuances.  AI will never have this ability because it is incapable of having human traits. 

Human translators can always look at the bigger picture and consider the translated material as a whole.  They are also able to tap into the emotions of individuals or entire audiences.  Coca-Cola’s “Taste the Feeling” campaign is a prime example of this.  They used human translators in several different languages to tune into the diversity of human emotion among their global audiences.  AI will never have this capability. Clients can have more confidence that translated products will be flawless and that the message will not be lost in translated materials when human translators are used instead of AI. 

As with both AI and human translation mistakes will happen, but with the extra time and effort put in by quality human translators, they are very rare.  In the end, quality always beats quantity. 



Rachel Kraft

GLS Marketing Manager