GLS supports the US DoD on several translation, vetting and screening programs worldwide. Major contracts include supporting Military OneSource translations and linguist and vetting programs for the US Air Force OSI, the USMILGRP in Colombia, and GTMO detention facility, among others.

  • GLS provides certified and notarized document translation services in support of the Military OneSource (MOS) program. The majority of documents translated for active service members and their families include, but are not limited to the following: 


    • Adoption paperwork
    • Birth Certificates
    • Diplomas or Degrees
    • Divorce Decrees
    • Driver’s Licenses
    • Leases
    • Marriage Certificates/Licenses
    • Paperwork required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    • School Transcripts


    GLS provides a program and project management team to oversee an average of 300 translations per month in 150 languages. GLS also administers a Quality Control Plan that ensures accurate translations and timely delivery of translated products.

    If you are a service member or immediate family member of a service member in need of document translation services, you may initiate a request by calling toll-free 1-800-342-9647 or via other contact methods which are found at: .

  • GLS was a subcontractor supporting the USMILGRP’s Security Cooperation Office (SCO) located at the US Embassy in Colombia; the International Airport in Bogota, Colombia; the Government of Colombia’s (GoC) Joint Armed Forces Command in Bogota, Colombia and at a Joint Operations Base in Melgar, Colombia. GLS’ local national (LN) personnel occasionally traveled to the United States, including to the Pentagon, to attend meetings with their US-based counterparts. 

    Under this program, GLS provided 30% of the 35 labor categories including Logistics Specialists, Background Investigators (assigned to the RSO), Invoicing Specialists, Visa and Passport Specialists, Mail Room Specialists, Intelligence Support Specialists and additional administrative personnel who supported the US-Colombian joint CNT operations. These personnel interfaced with US armed forces from all branches of the military and also routinely liaised with diplomatic personnel from the US Dept. of State and senior officers of the Colombian Armed Forces and Colombian National Police. GLS also conducted recruitment screening and deployment support to the prime contractor, including vetting of key personnel positions that included a US Secret and Top Secret cleared Project Manager (former FBI) and the Site Manager (former US Army Officer).

  • GLS provided program management, recruiting and quality assurance services to a prime contractor supporting the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Specifically, GLS provided skilled bilingual (Arabic and English) Screening/Background Investigation (SSBI) Specialists who performed background check investigation and screening  services at US Air Force bases in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Kyrgyzstan.

  • GLS provided recruiting, pre-deployment and management support under a subcontract supporting the Information Operations Task Force-Afghanistan (IOTF-A). This contract supplied 21 highly educated (PhD level for most personnel), experienced and TS-cleared personnel in the following labor categories: Operations Staff Officers, PSYOPs Planners, Campaign Planners, Target Planners, Key Leader Engagement Planners, Media Analysts and Cultural Advisors to support IOTF-A information operations influence campaigns in Afghanistan. Personnel who supported IOTF-A operations were bilingual speakers who possessed either Dari and/or Pashto and English language skills. Their work aided in development and dissemination of compelling media products such as videos, radio spots, billboards, informational materials, etc. to support peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan.

  • GLS supported Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions on several Diplomatic Security local guard force (LGF) contracts providing English as a Second Language (ESL) testing and language training to local guards at 12 different US Embassies worldwide. GLS’ certified language testers used Oral Proficiency Interviews to assess and rate local guard force English skills in accordance with contract language proficiency requirements. GLS’ instructors also provided initial and refresher English language training to guard forces, as required. GLS utilized the Interagency Language Roundtable rating scale to assess guards’ language skills and to tailor courses to required proficiency levels.

  • Under subcontracts to Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, GLS provided highly qualified library personnel and instructors to the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Library support personnel included a Chief Librarian and linguists who redacted Arabic and Pashto publications that were circulated to detainees on a daily basis. GLS also provided instructors who taught languages (e.g., ESL, Arabic and Pashto), art, horticulture and other courses to the detainees. GLS was able to maintain 100% fill rates under these subcontracts.