Translation and interpretation

Global Language Strategies provides diplomatic-level translation and interpretation support to the highest levels of the U.S. Government. Our translations are fast and accurate, which aids our clients in mission-critical success.

Linguist services include:

  • * Highly Experienced Native Translators
  • * Proven Expertise in all areas of Translation, Localization, and Interpretation
  • * High-Quality Translation and Editing Processes on all Projects
  • * Availability of Professional Hardware and Bilingual Software to Meet all Needs and Objectives
  • * On-Site Translation and Interpretation
  • * Escorts and Simultaneous Interpretation

Translation Services
Global Language Strategies provides rapid and accurate on-demand translation of documents – from simple to highly complex scientific and technical documents. We have streamlined translation to a management process which includes quality control of the document via independent review of the translated product by a native speaker who is separate from the original translator. Most of our translators are certified by the American Translator Association and/or court certified. They have tested at superior levels (3+) in both English and the target language. With capability to translate documents in more than 70 languages, Global Language Strategies ensures that translated documents are timely, true renditions of the source text and delivered to the client in published format. Our use of a three-level validation system – incorporating a native-speaking translator, native-speaking quality control linguist and desktop publisher in the translation process – distinguishes us from our competitors by designing and delivering the highest quality translations in the industry.

Interpretation Services
Global Language Strategies provides simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpretation services. We also provide legal interpretation services on an as-needed basis. Our interpreters are native speakers of the languages they interpret and are well-versed in different dialects and colloquial forms of their mother tongues. Our interpreters provide accurate and complete services while staying true to the source message and intent of the conversations.