ESL and foreign language instruction

Global Language Strategies is a recognized education provider focused on language acquisition, including English as a Second Language. Our talented instructors tailor language lessons to the level of desired proficiency and the purpose of each course. Adult learning theory is combined with the suitable instructional modality to achieve optimum student retention.

Global Language Strategies applies the most effective adult learning theories and the latest research in second language acquisition to increase foreign language and ESL proficiency. Our courses and mentoring sessions are highly interactive between the instructor and his/her students, which creates a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment. Moreover, our instructors teach language forms and vocabulary in the context of meaningful learning activities that are tailored to the individual student(s).

Whether it is a one-on-one Arabic class, or a group Spanish class for your agency or company, we can provide the necessary instructors and curricula to meet your organization’s goals. Our instructors are all highly educated and seasoned language teachers who know how to facilitate language proficiency quickly and efficiently regardless of the initial aptitude level.

In addition to customizing our curricula to the individual learner’s needs and desired proficiency levels, Global Language Strategies offers a variety of ESL and foreign language training methods, including lecture-based (platform) training, online computer-based training and immersion training. We can train personnel at our facilities in Northern Virginia or deploy mobile training teams to teach at your location.

The levels of training we provide are as follows:

Basic I
This level is for students with little or no foreign language proficiency who desire to learn basic survival skills. The main focus will be on conversation (listening/speaking comprehension) and building a basic lexicon. Topics covered will be everyday activities/situations (introductions, shopping, ordering from a menu, etc.). The focus is on speaking, as the main objective is to have the students speaking comfortably, although students will be introduced to the written language.

GOAL: The student is able to communicate comfortably in basic dialogues using basic everyday vocabulary.

Basic II
Students at this level are able to communicate in simple language. In this course, students will be introduced to the basic grammar of the foreign language, while still emphasizing oral communication. Reading and writing exercises will be introduced to build vocabulary and reinforce grammar. There will also be an emphasis on group work: dialogues will take place amongst the students rather than, as in Basic I, with the teacher.

GOAL: Student has been exposed to basic grammatical concepts.

Intermediate I
Writing skills will be stressed more at this level. Students will write compositions, will be exposed to authentic materials such as newspaper or magazine articles for reading comprehension exercises, and will use audiovisual materials for listening comprehension skills. Students will continue to study more in-depth grammar.

GOAL: Student shows the ability to write diverse compositions, the ability to understand basic publications, and an understanding of grammar.

Intermediate II
This course will be more tailored to each group’s goals. All four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) will be emphasized in order to fully accommodate the students’ needs. Goals will be set based on discussions with the students. Please Note: These models are open to modification by teacher and students.

Advanced courses are also offered and tailored to the students’ needs. Goals will be set based on discussions with the students.